Friday, November 9, 2018

A Few Notes for Families

Happy Friday Haen Families!

I hope this message finds you doing well on a snowy day!  
(Although it feels too early for snow!) We have a few notes for families to keep us connected.  Thanks so much for taking the time to read through the notes!

Winter Gear!
The playground was blanketed in snow today :)  Very exciting for many students!  I know the snow season snuck up on me as a parent!  Thanks so much for sending students in winter gear so they are ready to enjoy our outside recess time.

Food Drive
The Kaukauna Area School District Food Drive runs through Monday!  There is still time to make a donation!  This is a wonderful opportunity to help stock the shelves at Loaves and Fishes Food Pantry.  The pride that our students feel as they add a food item to the collection box is really special to see- thank you to all of our families who have donated an item or money to the food drive.  

Parent/ Teacher Conferences
We are looking forward to Parent/ Teacher Conferences and strengthening the school to home connection.  Just about every family is signed up for a conference!  If you need help signing up, please talk with your child's teacher or call the school at 766-6134 and we can get you signed up.  A special thank you to the families who have donated food items for our teacher meals during conference time!

Book Drawings
The letter below went home with students detailing our Book Drawing.  Feel free to stop in the office during conferences to purchase tickets!

Community Survey
The Kaukauna Area School District wants to hear from families!  

On the Road to Success
Haen Hawks are on the Road to Success!  Each week as a part of our daily announcements students have a challenge to take part in.  This month we will focus on what it means to be thankful.  This week, students were mindful of saying thank you to a peer or adult at school.  Ask your student about our Challenge of the Week and who they gave a special thank you to this week.

Another part of our morning announcements include the Haen Hawk Pledge. This school year, we have focused the pledge on what it means to be Safe, Respectful and Responsible. Check out our Haen Hawk Pledge below!

A special thank you to the Haen Families!
We are so thankful to be working with your child!
Enjoy the weekend and some family time :)

Holly Magness

Saturday, May 12, 2018

May/June 2018 Family Blog

A Message from Mrs. Magness . . .

Hello Haen Families!
Every school year we get to May and I reflect on how fast the school year has gone.  I marvel at the growth our students have had... they have grown in so many ways and we are so proud of them!

This June our school will be taking a Road Trip on our Road to Success to Hawaii!  Students have earned miles with their awesome efforts during their spring assessments, especially the MAP Spring Assessment.  Ask your 2nd, 3rd or 4th grader about their growth on the MAP test... we have incredible celebrations!

Take time as a family to enjoy the art work at the Kaukauna Public Library this month.  There are works of art created by students in our district.  There are 10 pieces of art on display that were created by Haen students. Congratulations to you!

The summer break is right around the corner, but we still have good work to do to Finish Strong at Victor Haen Elementary!  Thank you families for encouraging your child to do their best every day as we close out the school year.  Soon we will say good-bye to our 4th Grade students and hello to a new group of 1st Grade students.  Our memories together are very special- thank you sharing your most precious gifts with us!

May you have a very relaxing summer filled with family memories!

  • Through May 31
    •   All District Art Show at the Kaukauna Library
  • May 16
    •  5:00-6:15 PM Academic Parent Teacher Team Night Grade 1 & 2
  • May 17
    •  Last Library Checkout
  • May 22
    •  ALL Library Materials Due
  • May 23
    •  8:00-11:30 AM 4th Grade tour River View Middle School
  • May 24
    •  8:30-2:30 1st Grade to Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary
  • May 25
    • NO SCHOOL for Students/In-Service for Certified Staff
  • May 28
    •  NO SCHOOL Happy Memorial Day
  • June 5
    • Road Trip to Hawaii
  • June 6
    •  LAST DAY OF SCHOOL students dismissed at 11:30 AM

All community flyers will be found on the district web page. Click here to access information for this month!
  • The Great Bunny Train 
  • 2018 Kaukauna Softball Flyer 
  • Safety Town Flyer 
  • Walking for Wishes Flyer 
  • ARTgarage Youth Summer Camp Flyer 
  • 2018 Fox River Girls Hockey Club Flyer 
  • Best Friends Bike Tour Flyer 
  • YMCA Camp Nan A Bo Sho Flyer 
  • YMCA Before and After School Flyer 
  • UW Extension Summer Camp 
  • Kaukauna Public Library Summer Reading Programs 
  • Bridging Brighter Smiles
  • Electric City Youth Soccer - 3 and 4 year olds
  • Appleton Boychoir Audition flyer
  • Kaukauna Girls Summer Volleyball Camp
  • Youth Flag Rugby - Grades 1-7

Thank a Teacher!

Thank You to our PAC for planning a very special Teacher Appreciation Week!  The staff greatly appreciate the kindness and appreciations!

Haen Hawks are on the Road to Success... to Hawaii! Help us make our road trip a success by signing up to volunteer!

As the 2017-2018 school year comes to a close we would like to celebrate all the hard work and growth our students have made throughout the year. The Haen Road Trip will make one final stop on Tuesday, June 5th on the beautiful islands of Hawaii. The staff and students will participate in a variety of educational and fun activities all day that are connected to the Hawaiian Islands as we hold a school-wide Luau Party .In order to make the event a huge success, we need your help!  Please consider signing up to help supervise activities throughout the morning (7:45-11:45 AM). If you are available all morning, or even a portion of the morning, we would love to have you join the fun! Volunteers are required to have a background check on file.  If you are unsure if you have a background check, or are in need of one, please contact the school office.  A link to sign up to volunteer can be found here!

Last Day!

As usual, our school year seems to have flown past, and we are nearing the end of the year. Remember that the last day of school for all students in grades K-12 is Wednesday, June 6. Students at the elementary level are dismissed at 11:30 AM that day. Have a safe and happy summer!

Supply Lists

Supply lists for 2018/2019 will be sent home with progress reports on the last day of school. They will also be on file at area stores in August. The PAC in partnership with Abel Insurance will be offering backpacks and school supplies for incoming 1st Grade students. Students and parents will be invited to the 1st Grade Transition Days in August, which in turn will earn kids free school supplies!

For Our Incoming 1st Graders!

Incoming 1st Grade families stay tuned for dates to sign up for the 1st Grade Transition!  Haen staff will assess incoming 1st Grade students in reading and math.  Students and families will have an opportunity to learn more about our school.  Incoming 1st Grade students participating will receive a backpack and school supplies donated by Abel Insurance and the Haen PAC!  More information to come!

Registration for 2018/2019

As we plan for the 2018/2019 school year, we will begin making class placements for your child for next year. Remember that you do not need to register or re-enroll your child each year. However, please let us know if your address has changed or will be changing, or if you will be moving out of the district before the start of the 18/19 school year.

Cool for School

If you think you may need help with getting back-to-school clothes/shoes for your children, there is an event called “Cool for School” that may help. The event is run through the Community Clothes Closet in Menasha. In order to participate, you will need to either be a current Clothes Closet client OR you will need a referral form to become a client. Contact your school social worker, Karen Wirth (766-6111 ext 4206), if you need a referral form.

Summer Reading Partnership Continues

Haen will again be joining forces with the Kaukauna Public Library to encourage children to read this summer.  For more information you may contact the Kaukauna Public Library by calling 920.766.6346/ Happy Reading!


With the end of the school year fast approaching we ask that you take note of your child/children’s lunch account balance.  Accounts will have to be brought up to date by the end of the school year.  If we do not receive payment by Tuesday, June 12, 2018, and the account balance is more than a $20.00 negative it will be sent to the Kaukauna Area School District Collection Agency. 

If you choose to let your child/children’s lunch account balance go below the $5.00 mark because of the end of the year, please remember the Kaukauna Area School District Messenger Service will continue to contact you.  This is an automated service and cannot be turned off. 

Remember to make each day a safe and healthy one!

News from our Specialists. . . 

Music by Mrs. Hoks-Lapin
During the month of May, music students will learn and discuss world music. We will learn new songs, play a variety of percussion instruments, and focus on playing the xylophones. Discussions will include the importance of listening to others, how to respect both musical and personal space, and how to demonstrate silence so that others may speak with their instrument. For these activities, we will sit in a circle which is a symbol of equality and respect.

Art by Mr. Theder
First Grade Artists finished up painting their chinese dragon paintings.They are working on their sponge printing. First grade got to learn how to use a sponge with paint to make realistic looking clouds. First grade then drew and cut out kites to glue on their sky background. During painting their kites, they got a chance to learn their secondary colors and how to mix them using primary colors.

Second Grade Second grade is currently working on their clay chameleon. Second grade got a chance to learn how to make chameleon out of clay. They learned about the process of how to roll clay into a coil. They also learned how to attach clay together by slipping and scoring. Currently Second grade is painting their clay chameleon.

Third Grade artists are currently working on their robotic bug painting. They started with choosing a insect or type of bug they wish to draw closely. Third grade then were encouraged to add details to make their bug look like it has mechanical features. Later third grade will use color family and tempera paint to finish them using patterns.

Fourth Grade artists got to finish painting their clay pinch pot. They also are working on their design painting. Fourth grade were encouraged to draw a picture with designs that would tell a story. Fourth grade are learning how to paint with tempera paint, they are learning how to use a brush correctly.

Phy Ed by Ms. Ziegler
Nice weather, eventually, will promote the wearing of sandals & flip flops to school. Wearing sandals, however, creates a dangerous situation during gym class. I am suggesting that students keep a pair of socks in their backpack in case they wear sandals to school on a gym day. That way they are prepared for gym class and can perform their best as we are finishing some important student assessments. Students will not be allowed to participate barefoot or if wearing unsafe footwear. I really appreciate your help and support to keep your child(ren) safe and active in gym class.

Grade 1
Fun fitness games played were Hoop Roller, Paul Bunyan’s Pancakes, and Pancakes in the Pan, Hoop It Up, Pillow Hockey, Run Ball, Partner Duck, Duck, Goose, and Flamingo Tag. The favorite tag game was Toy Story Tag. Students used paddles, and other striking equipment to work on hand/eye coordination. Students climbed across the low climbing wall and learned how to problem solve to choose the best move so they would not fall off. Cooperation kickball will be played yet this Spring.

Grade 2
Students experienced a variety of fitness and skill related stations. All focused on balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, personal responsibility & improvement in the activities, plus body control. Mouse in the House, Paddle Mania, & Batter Up worked on hand-eye coordination with scoops, paddles, and bats. Students climbed across the low climbing wall and learned how to problem solve to choose the best move so they would not fall off. Safety hockey was a favorite unit with much aerobic benefit. Skills practiced were safe stick handling, dribbling, stopping and passing pucks, shooting goals, blocking, and goal keeping. Also, we worked on cooperation with the parachute and in cooperative kickball.

Grade 3
Activities practiced were floor hockey, traverse climbing wall, striking activities, disc golf, and many different fitness and skill related stations. In stunts and challenges, students worked on core strength and balance, weight transfer, and jumping and landing skills. All focused on balance, coordination, strength, flexibility, personal responsibility for safety, personal improvement, and body control. Parachute challenges and Kickball helped build teamwork and cooperation. Fun fitness games played were Treasure Chest, Sink the Ship, Jurassic Park, Polka Dot Kickball, & Capture the Flag, which reinforced moving, ball skills, teamwork, strategy, scoring/guarding, and sportsmanship.
Grade 4
Activities practiced were agility ladders, superballs, foot bag, traverse climbing wall, floor hockey, tennis raquet/ball challenges, mystery pathway, fox tails, disc golf, kickball, and numerous skill related and fitness stations. All focused on core strength, balance, weight transfer, jumping and landing skills, coordination, flexibility, cooperation & personal responsibility for safety, personal improvement, and body control. Favorite fitness games like Boomerang and Raindrop improved teamwork with classmates and worked on reaction skills, decision making, and sportsmanship. Students used the App called Flip Grid to record their created tumbling routines when working with a partner. The final Power Words Vocabulary test will be completed for each class to meet their goal score that they voted on and worked to reach.
The "Ten at a Time" activity calendar below is also a great resource for people who "never have enough time to exercise." Each day lists one exercise that can be done either 10 times or for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day. Please try to exercise with your children and you will be on your way to starting a healthy habit both for you and them! Hope you enjoy the Activity Calendar! Watch for more in the future!

Learning in the Library by Mrs. Munin

We have had a wonderful year in the LMC - the students were so excited about all the new books and exciting events going on in the library - using Seesaw, Chatterpix, and Flipgrid apps, along with Google Slides and Google Docs.
As we are wrapping up our year, we will need ALL BOOKS BACK BY TUESDAY MAY 22nd, 2018. Please help your child in returning their books prior to that date. If the books are not returned by that date, Mrs. Munin will be send outing notices regarding replacement fees. The last day for checkout will be May 17, 2018. The last library skills class will be May 29, 2018.

First Grade:
We have been having fun discovering how the library is arranged. Students have begun to learn about how the books are shelved and how to find them within the library. Stay tuned for next year, as second graders we will get to start using the online catalog to search for books.

Second Grade:
We have been continuing to learn about finding books. We have just started to go to the online catalog and learn about searching for books and how to find them on the shelves. We will continue on our quest to become great library detectives!

Third Grade:
We have been working on creating a newscast movie for our weather events. Stay tuned for these movies to be posted on the LMC website. Come and watch all our students caught up in an extreme weather event!!!

Fourth Grade:
Our news broadcasts are live - coming to you from a historical event! Checkout the LMC website for all the latest and greatest news!

News from the school nurse by Mrs. Sundelius

Why should your child get immunized? The State of Wisconsin does require children in
daycare facilities and schools to be immunized against certain contagious diseases. The purpose of this law is to prevent disease and suffering and any permanent disability resulting from the disease. Additionally immunizing as many children as possible will help prevent the spread of these contagious diseases and in the long run extinguish these diseases completely; Smallpox is a good example of a disease that historically was commonly vaccinated for but is not longer is due to the fact that it has not be seen since the early 1980s.

The following is the required immunization schedule for children in the State of Wisconsin. As you can see there are additional immunizations that are needed when children begin their kindergarten and grade 6 school years.

  • 4 DTaP, 3 polio, 1 MMR and 1 Varicella
Kindergarten through grade 5:
  • 4 DTaP, 4 polio, 2 MMR and 2 Varicella
Grade 6 through grade 12:
  • 1 Tdap, 4 DTaP, 4 polio, 2 MMR and 2 Varicella
The above is a guideline. There are some exceptions and also clarifications on this chart. More information can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Health Services website or on the website for your local county public health department.

Please feel free to contact the nurse at your child’s school with any questions on immunization requirements.

Friday, March 16, 2018

March Family Newsletter

Hello Haen Families!
It is hard to believe that we are nearing spring time!  Thank you to our families who attended Parent Teacher Conferences.  The connections between school and home support students learning and growth.  Please know you can contact us at any time if you have questions, celebrations or concerns regarding your child.  

Our 4th Book Drawing was a success, with students entering tickets for over 100 books to be drawn.  The excitement for reading is contagious!  A huge thank you to our Haen Parent Advisory Committee for the purchase of the books!  This is a very worthy tradition!

This month's assembly focused on being Safe, Respectful and Responsible... being the best Haen Hawks we can be!  Officer Kohl was introduced as our new Police School Liaison Officer.  He talked about being safe at school and in the community.  Our 1st and 2nd Grade "Forward Friends" cheered on the 3rd and 4th Grade students as they start the WI Forward state assessment this month.  Students also learned more about our new Hawk Eye picture, a special event to recognize students for their efforts to show safety, responsibility and respect.  Check out the Victor Haen Facebook page for some pictures!

Read on for important dates and happenings at Haen and in the district.  :)

Happy March!
Holly Magness

  • March 6: Grade 3 to PAC 11:50 - 2:00 PM
  • March 6 & 8 Parent/Teacher Conferences 4:00-7:30 PM
  • March 9: Grade 4 to 1000 Islands 8:30-11:00 AM
  • March 9 Parent/Teacher Conferences 12:30-4:00 PM
  • March 16: Wear Green!
  • March 16: Grade 3 & 4 Walsh Foundation Opera for the Young @ KHS 8:15-10:00 AM
  • March 17:
  • March 19: Please note the PAC Meeting that was scheduled is cancelled.
    • Also Note:
      • April 16 PAC meeting is rescheduled to Monday, April 9 @ 4:00 PM
  • March 28: 11:30 Dismissal- No lunch served
  • March 29-April 2: No School
All community flyers will be found on the district web page. Click here to access information for this month!
  • Girl Scouts
  • 2018 Kaukauna Softball Flyer
  • Champs Camp 2018
  • 2018 Electric City Soccer Flyer
  • Haen Breakfast in the Classroom
  • Tanner, Quinney, NDLC and Park Breakfast in the Classroom

Wisconsin Forward Spring State Assessment

The Wisconsin Forward Exam will be given in schools between March 19 and May 4, 2018. The Forward Exam is a state mandated summative assessment which provides information about what students know and can do in relation to the Wisconsin Academic Standards. Students receive a score based on their performance in each content area.

There are sample or practice test questions available for students. An Online Tools Training (OTT) is available for students at The OTT is intended to give students the opportunity to practice with tools available on the Forward Exam, as well as allow them to familiarize themselves with the testing platform. The OTT is not scored, nor is it intended to provide practice on the test content. Students will be exploring these tools and training at school prior to testing.

The Forward Exam will be administered online and be given to:
· Grades 3-8 in English Language Arts (ELA) and Mathematics
· Grades 4 and 8 in Science
· Grades 4, 8, and 10 in Social Studies

The Forward Exam includes several question types:
· Multiple-Choice (MC): Question that has four answer choices, including three distractors and one correct answer
· Enhanced Selected Response (ESR): Question which may contain combinations of MC, short-answer, and technology-enhanced
· Evidence-Based Selected Response (ESBR): Question which has two parts. The student answers Part A, then provides evidence in Part B to support answer in Part A.
· Text-Dependent Analysis (TDA): Question used on the ELA test. The TDA is a text-based analysis, based on a passage that is read by the student during the assessment. Students must draw on basic writing skills while inferring and synthesizing information from the passage in order to develop a comprehensive, holistic essay response. Students have up to 5000 characters to formulate their response.
· Technology-Enhanced (TE): TE questions allow for a more engaging, interactive assessment.

Accommodations and supports for students with disabilities and/or English language learners are built into the system so that the progress of students can be accurately measured. Some students may take the Dynamic Learning Maps (DLM) assessment instead of the WI Forward. The DLM assessment is intended for students with significant cognitive disabilities in grades 3-11 and is designed to compare a student’s strengths and needs to clearly defined standards, skill levels, or areas of knowledge. It is aligned with the Wisconsin Essential Elements and measures how students perform in relation to those standards.

The estimated time for the test administration in each grade is approximately 2 hours and 20 minutes for ELA, 1 hour and 45 minutes for Mathematics, 1 hour and 40 minutes for Science, and 1 hour and 30 minutes for Social Studies. These are estimated times, as the WI Forward Exam is not a timed test so students work at their own pace.

If you have any questions or concerns about the WI Forward, please contact Mrs. Magness.
Image result for image sunshine
Summer School 2018
Kaukauna High School
1701 County Road CE

Tuesday, June 12 - Friday, June 29 (Monday - Friday)
8:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. (some classes may run past this time, but no transportation will be available)

NOTE: Classes will also be on Fridays


  • Payment is due at the time of registration.
  • The Summer School Software requires payment in order to complete the registration.  Your child will not be registered in a course if payment is not made online via debit/credit card.
  • If you need to pay with cash or check please come to the district office to register.
  • If you have a financial hardship and are unable to pay the full fee, please contact Erin Kape at the District Office at: 920-766-6100 ext. 2002 or prior to registering.
  • Refunds will be issued until Friday, May 18. After the closing of the window on May 18, no fees will be refunded

Summer School Open House!

We will be hosting an Open House on Monday June 11, from 4:00 p.m. - 6:00 p.m. The Summer School Leadership Team and Student Volunteers will be available to assist students and parents in locating classrooms and answer questions. Please note that teachers will not be present during the Open House.

Registration Dates:
Sunday, March 18: Summer School Registration begins at 2:00 PM
Friday, May 18: Summer School Registration closes at 12:00 PM

Link to register: This summer, we will be using a new Registration Software. Please watch for more information in the next couple of weeks surrounding the registration process.

Course Catalog: It is located on the Kaukauna Area School District Summer School website at:

For any questions please contact:
Erin Kape
Phone: 920-766-6100 Ext. 2002

2nd Grade Music Concert
All second grade students will be performing a Spring Concert on Thursday, May 3 in the Victor Haen gymnasium.  The concert will begin at 6:30 p.m.  Stay tuned for more information!

2018/2019 4K Screening & Registration

This spring, the Kaukauna Area School District will again initiate a voluntary 4K screening on June 1st, June 4th and June 5th. Registration packets have been sent home to eligible 4K (those who will be 4 on or before September 1, 2018) students. In order to plan for classroom and staffing needs, it is crucial that we receive this information as soon as possible. Children not yet school age that may have delays or other difficulties are also eligible to be screened at this time to help determine if development testing/special services might be needed. Parents with specific developmental concerns may contact Lisa Sheppard anytime at 766-6150.

News from our Specialists

News from Mrs. Sundelius, School Nurse

Wood Ticks and Deer Ticks are commonly found in Wisconsin during the spring and summer months; mostly in wooded or brushy areas with tall vegetation. During their lifetime, ticks will go through four stages, from egg to adult. Each stage requires an increasingly larger blood host to ensure survival. Humans are at most risk during the months from April through September.

Most tick bites are harmless, however, ticks can cause diseases such as Lyme or Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. So it is important to remove the tick properly and disinfect the area.

How do you remove a tick? Remove a tick as soon as possible by following these steps:
  • Use tweezers to grasp the tick firmly at its head (point of entry into the skin).
  • Pull gently but firmly straight back until the tick lets go of the skin. Do not twist or rock the tick from side to side as this may cause the body of the tick to separate from the head; leaving the head in the skin. If this should happen, contact your healthcare provider.
  • Once the tick releases from the skin drop it in a ziplock bag. The bag can either be the storage container to seek further identification of the tick if needed or to simply dispose of it in the trash.
  • Wash the skin site where the tick was embedded with soap and water; apply antibacterial ointment.
  • Monitor the skin site where the tick was embedded for red ringed rash which looks like a bull’s-eye or other redness that is hot to the touch and seems to be getting bigger around the area. Other symptoms to look for and report to your healthcare provider: fever, headache, fatigue, muscle or joint aches.
As always prevention is the best way to manage ticks and the diseases they may carry. To minimize tick exposure, wear clothing that is light in color along with a chemical repellent when walking in or near woody or brushy areas with tall vegetation. Tuck pant legs into socks or boots and stay on trails if possible. Remember to check your skin for ticks soon after any excursion where ticks may be living.

Music With Mrs. Hoks-Lapin

Celebrate Music! March has been officially designated by the National Association for Music Education for the observance of Music In Our Schools Month! First grade learned about presto and largo with our Music Show friends. 2nd grade have their Spring Concert on Thursday, May 3 at 6:30. Students learned new vocal exercises before rehearsing their performance songs. 3rd grade completed learning about the symphony orchestra with a lesson on audience etiquette. Students attended a concert at the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. 4th grade only have a few belts left to earn before recorder lessons are complete.

Art With Mr. Theder

First Grade Artists are in the process of finishing up their flower clay bowls. They learned about how to construct a bowl out of a slab of clay. They got a chance to add leaves to them by using slip and scoring. First grade will soon be painting/glazing them to make them to their liking.

Second Grade artists just finished up their native american weaving project. They will soon be printmaking with their printing plate they made of a cityscape. Second grade also had a chance to learn about radial symmetry by making a design with their name for their mexican themed celebration this month.

Third Grade artists are currently working on their printmaking project. They got to learn about different types of printmaking, they got a chance to make their own printing plate of a cityscape that they will layer into three pieces to make a large city out of their prints. Third grade will lastly finish it up by painting in their sky and background.

Fourth Grade artists are currently working on their printmaking project. They got to learn about different types of printmaking, they got a chance to make their own printing plate of an animal that they will layer into three colors on multiple sheets of paper. Soon fourth grade will start working with clay shortly after printing their animals.

PhyEd with Ms. Ziegler

Citizenship was the character trait for February. Students worked to be “bucket fillers” by helping other students feel good through positive words and actions during gym class. Students also learned about helping others through our Jump Rope For Heart event.

Haen’s 26th Jump Rope for Heart took place during gym classes for students to enjoy a variety of jump themed activities. Students learned how to “Scare” away heart disease and learned important heart facts about how to develop healthy Heart Habits! The students gave their hearts a workout while at the same time helping the American Heart Association and others whose hearts are not as healthy! The final donation total will be announced in the near future as donations continue to come in. Thank you to all the families, Mrs. Magness, teachers, and the community for your continued support of Jump Rope for Heart!

Grade 1
Ring basketball reinforced adding plus underhand throwing at a target. “Shadow Dancing” was a song about moving creatively while the whole class moved their bodies in the same way. The Oxygen Cycle game taught about how our bodies use and need air when we exercise. Students participated in Jump Rope for Heart fitness stations all with a jumping theme and learned how to be heart smart! Angry Birds worked on cooperating with others and working together to knock down a block wall to uncover and find the pig! It was neat to see all the creative wall designs and teamwork! The favorite fitness games in February were Run, Rabbits, Run, Hearts to the Rescue, and Jumping Beans!
Grade 2
The Oxygen Cycle game taught about how our bodies use and need air when we exercise vigorously. Valentine Rescue, Heart Tag, and Star Wars Tag challenged our chasing and fleeing skills and pumped up our hearts.

The jump rope ladder taught students a progression of jump rope tricks as they moved up the ladder. Castle Ball was a cooperation game where groups built a hoop castle and worked together to guard and protect it. Trapping and blocking foam balls with many different body parts was also accomplished in the game Noodle Knockdown where players tried to make a sneak attack by throwing their ball safely when a noodle guard was not looking their way.

Grade 3
Students learned new tricks from the jump ladder to build endurance as they participated in a jump rope and exercise circuit that included jump themed activities during Jump Rope for Heart week. Jump Tic Tac Toe was a team game packed with strategy. Treasure Island was an aerobic game that taught about the health benefits of aerobic activities. The Oxygen Cycle game taught how our bodies use and run out of air when we exercise vigorously. Favorite fitness games we played were Treasure Island, Raindrop, and Medic 911!

Grade 4
Jump rope basics, jump ladder tricks, turnstiles with long ropes, and an exercise circuit with many different jumping activities was practiced to give our hearts and lungs a workout during Jump Rope for Heart week. Team Offense/Defense was the favorite guarding game. 10 Trips was an all-out running, throwing, and catching challenge where groups had to set and try to complete a throwing goal of between 10-15 throws before their runner finished 10 trips between two lines. Fun! The game Treasure Island was an aerobic game that taught about the health benefits of aerobic activities. The game 3 in a hoop required a lot of teamwork, awareness, and strategy to capture and keep 3 foam balls. Fairness and sportsmanship took a front row seat in this game. The 4th graders stepped up and made it happen!

The "Ten at a Time" activity calendar below is also a great resource for people who "never have enough time to exercise." Each day lists one exercise that can be done either 10 times or for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day. Please try to exercise with your children and you will be on your way to starting a healthy habit both for you and them! Hope you enjoy the Activity Calendar! Watch for more in the future!

Learning in the Library With Mrs. Munin

Make sure to checkout all the exciting and new things on the LMC website. There are always new books, games, activities, and ebooks to read.
First Grade:
We have been working on planet research to create some Chatterpix videos. You can checkout more interesting facts on planets on the LMC website. Stay tuned for our chatterpix movies next month on the LMC website.

Second Grade:
In second grade, we have been working on learning google slides and creating presentations. We are in the process of recording the students presenting their slideshow. Some have been posted - but you can check back here and see as others get filmed.

Third Grade:
To go along with the extreme weather unit, we have been learning Google slides and creating a presentation. Stay tuned next month as we turn the facts from our slide show in to an extreme weather forecast. We will hopefully have these completed and up on the website in the next couple weeks.

Fourth Grade:
To compliment the historical research unit in fourth grade, we have been learning some research skills covering databases and citations. Once the research has been completed the students will be creating a newscast about their event. Stay tuned for those on the 4th grade page of the LMC website.

Friday, February 9, 2018

February 2018 Family Blog

Hello Haen Families!

Fill a Bucket with Kindness!  This month's all school assembly focused on filling each other's buckets with words of kindness.  Ask your child how they have filled buckets at school.

Students will be taking a Road Trip this month on the Road to Success!  We will be visiting Mexico on our road trip, with miles earned as we grew with our MAP Testing!  Students earned miles to get us to our destination.  We will be travelling and experiencing the culture and sights of Mexico on February 21st.

Academic Parent Teacher Team Night for all of our 1st and 2nd grade students on February 15th.  Parents of 1st and 2nd grade students will be in the child's classroom from 5:00-6:15 learning more about literacy and math and how families can support academic growth at home.

The Parent Advisory Committee is sponsoring two events, the Craft and Vendor Event (2/10) as well as Culver's Scoopie Night (2/19) at the Little Chute Culver's.  Thank you to Mrs. Strasburg for all of her work in coordinating the Craft and Vendor Fair!  If you have an interest in coordinating future events, please let me know!

It is fun for staff and kids to see each other outside of the classroom!  Consider donating an item or time to the vendor fair to help make this event a success.  Visit us at Culver's Scoopie Night when a portion of the evening sales go to Victor Haen Elementary.

Money from fundraising has supported students at Haen in many ways.  In the past we have funded the Road Trip, bought books for the Book Raffle during Parent Teacher Conferences, supported PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) Safe, Responsible and Respectful learning and most recently contributed to new library furniture for students!  We appreciate very much the efforts of families in supporting our school!

Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming up next month, stay tuned for a sign up genius to schedule time with your child's teacher!

Thank You families for your involvement and connection with our school!   We look forward to seeing you this month!

Holly Magness
  • February 14 
  • February 10
    • Haen PAC VENDOR EVENT 9:00-2:00 PM
    • Sign Up to donate and help make this a successful event for our school!
  • February 19
    • CULVER'S SCOOPIE NIGHT 4:00 - 7:00 PM @ Little Chute Culver's
  • February 22 & 23

Looking Forward to 2018/2019 Enrollment
School Confirmation Forms were sent home in January to all current 1-3 students. This form fulfills the registration process for next year for our current students in kindergarten through grade 3. On the form, there is a label indicating the designated school that the district has on record for your child next year. On this form, families have the opportunity to confirm this school placement, request a placement at one of the charter schools or indicate that you will be moving next school year. If you would like to request open enrollment within the district (attending a different school that what is identified on the label), you may contact the school office and request the form to complete. The window for this process is February 1-March 1, 2018.

Families please help up keep students healthy!  In order to protect the health of students and staff, we ask that a child who appears ill, has vomited or has had diarrhea in the past 24 hours remain home from school. Additionally your child should remain at home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100°) without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Help Us Keep Students Safe During Morning Drop-Off
In order to help ensure the safety of our students we ask that you do not have your child arrive at school prior to 7:35 AM.  Outdoor supervision begins at 7:35.  Thank you for helping keep students safe!

Lunch Money Procedures
In an effort to keep accurate records we ask that when you send lunch money to school, please put it in an envelope with the students name, homeroom, amount, and what the money is for labeled on the front.  Also, if you have a change in your financial status, Free and Reduced lunch applications are available in the office.  The approval process is quick once the application is returned.

4K Screening
This spring, the Kaukauna Area School District will again initiate a voluntary 4K screening on June 2nd, June 5th, June 6th and June 7th.  Registration packets have been sent home to eligible 4K (those who will be 4 on or before September 1, 2017) students. In order to plan for classroom and staffing needs, it is crucial that we receive this information as soon as possible.  Children not yet school age that may have delays or other difficulties are also eligible to be screened at this time to help determine if development testing/special services might be needed.  Parents with specific developmental concerns may contact Lisa Sheppard anytime at 766-6150.

All community flyers will be found on the district web page. Click here to access information for this month!

*Kaukauna Dance Clinic  *Father Daughter Dance  *Girl Scouts  *2018 Softball Flyer  *Champs Camp  *United Way Valentine's Festival   *2018 Electric City Soccer

 Anyone requesting flyer distribution at the elementary level should submit an electronic copy to district office, attention Erin Kape at for consideration two weeks prior to the first of each month.

News from Mrs. Sundelius, School Nurse

Pink eye (also called conjunctivitis) is a common eye condition in children. Pink eye is when the clear tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid and the white part or the eyeball becomes irritated and inflamed. This inflammation makes the blood vessels more visible and gives the eye a pink or reddish color. Pink eye can be caused from viruses, bacteria, allergies and other irritations such as an injury.
The viral and bacterial type of pink eye is very contagious and can be spread easily from person to person and especially child to child as children have a more difficult time not rubbing on the irritated eye.
What Are the Symptoms of Pink Eye?
  • Redness or swelling of the white of the eye or around the eye
  • Increased amount of drainage which may be clear, yellow, white or green
  • Itchy, irritated, and/or burning eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Gritty feeling in the eye
  • Matter (dried drainage) on the eyelids or lashes especially in the morning
Some cases of pink eye can be mild and may get better on their own, even without antibiotic eye drop treatment. However, since it is very difficult to determine what may be causing your child’s pink eye the health office may ask you to bring your child in for medical follow up.

How Do I Stop Pink Eye from Spreading?
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes; this is hard for young children to do
  • Avoid sharing makeup, contact lenses and containers, and eyeglasses
  • Keep your child home and follow up with their doctor if your child have any symptoms of pink eye
As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact the health office at your child’s school.
Music by Mrs. Hoks-Lapin
Sing! Move! Play! Music students are singing new songs, adding movement to many of the songs, and playing classroom instruments. 1st graders learned a new game which involves listening to instrument sounds and categorizing them as either high or low. 2nd graders are practicing their singing voices and beginning to discuss their spring concert scheduled for Thursday, May 3 at 6:30. 3rd graders are learning about the symphony orchestra through a program called Artistic Adventures which is a partnership between the Trout Museum of Art and the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. They will attend a concert in March at the PAC. Several 4th grade recorder students have earned their first 4 belts while still taking time to have fun singing new songs.

By Mr. Theder
First Grade artists are just starting to construct their own Alligator weavings. First grade started by making the base or loom, and then weaved strips of paper to make up the back of the alligator. They learned about looms and what weavings are. They are making theirs from colored construction paper while practicing lots of patients. For the next step we will be making and adding the alligators head and tail.

Second Grade artists just finished drawing and painting their own snowman. Second grade had a chance to practice painting in fine detail. They got a chance to learn about crayon resists, and how water based paint is repelled from the wax material that crayons are made of.

Third Grade artists are just finishing up their perspective drawings of a worms eye view of a cityscape. They got a chance to use and practice drawing straight lines with rulers. They also got a chance to talk about viewing things from different angles and what those views names are.

Fourth Grade artists got a chance to learn about perspective artwork. They got a chance to work on their very own Birds eye view of a cityscape.They got a chance to use and practice drawing straight lines and shapes with rulers. They also got a chance to talk about viewing things from different angles and what those views names are.

PhyEd with Ms. Ziegler
Jump Rope for Heart will take place the week of February 12-16 for grades 1- 4 in your child’s gym classes. The information packets have been sent home. All students participate in our many fun jump activities to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. More information can be found in the JRFH Flyer included in this newsletter.

Grade 1
Kicking is always a highlight with the first graders. We have progressed from kicking a still ball, to a rolling ball, to a bouncing ball, and some students a dropped ball. “Butter Ball” & Seven-Up were throwing and catching games we played to help us improve both skills. The Scooptastic Challenge worked on cooperation with a partner when underhand throwing to them so a catch could be made in their scoop. Strength building and balance in the game Hungry Crabs! Underhand strike with a partner and beach ball worked on reaction skills and cooperation. Students learned how to jump rope and work together to turn a long rope as we prepared for Jump Rope for Heart.

Grade 2
Fitness games like Hoop Jumper, Noodle Tag, Ring Basketball, and Freeze/Thaw challenged our chasing/fleeing skills as well as pumped up our hearts. Ball skill challenge cards worked on sequenced movements with a ball and coordination. We practiced cooperative throwing and catching in the games Ocean Rescue and the Scooptastic challenge. Spaghetti and Meatballs was a fun cooperative target game enjoyed by all. Underhand strike with a partner and beach ball worked on reaction skills and cooperation. Students learned how to jump rope and worked together to turn a long rope as we prepared for Jump Rope for Heart. Students practiced a 2-handed underhand lift and learned how to use their legs for power in the game Butter Ball.

Grade 3
We have been working toward improvement of basic and intermediate inline skating skills to learn to skate safely in the gym, neighborhood, and at the roller rink outside of school. Skaters were challenged with gliding, edging, breaking, and various ways to turn and maneuver. Students learned about the progressive jump rope ladder which helped them learn new tricks. A jump rope circuit was practiced over consecutive days after learning the different jump rope tricks to help build aerobic endurance and prepare us for jump rope for heart.

Volleyball Skills of forearm pass, overhead pass, and underhand serving were worked on before classes played a team lead-up volleyball game called Newcomb.

Treasure Island reinforced the 8 benefits of aerobic endurance to help students understand the importance of including aerobic endurance for a healthy life. A Jump Band progression worked on rhythm, coordination, and cooperation with classmates.

Grade 4
Volleyball Skills of forearm pass, overhead pass, and serving were worked on before classes played volleyball games. Mission Possible exercise assignments, Jump the Shot, and Jump Bands focused on cooperation, muscular strength, creativity, and aerobic endurance. Dribble Knock Out challenged everyone’s ball control skills while looking away from the dribbled ball.

We learned about the progressive jump rope ladder to improve aerobic endurance and prepare us for Jump Rope for Heart. Treasure Island taught students the benefits of aerobic exercise. Team Offense/Defense was the favorite guarding and scoring game. The upper body fitness mat offered a variety of challenges for students to work toward improved upper body strength. Students worked on jumping and landing skills which helped improve body control and balance. All Touch Basketball, Dribble, Shoot, and Score, and 3-In-A-Hoop worked on agility, reaction skills, guarding, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


Learning in the Library by Mrs. Munin

Make sure to checkout the games, activities, and ebooks to read on the LMC website.
First Grade:
We have been working on our internet safety unit and talking about staying safe while online. Checkout more internet safety tips online at Common Sense Media.

Second Grade:
We have been discussing internet safety and how to be good digital citizens online. Check out these great online tips and good places to go on Common Sense Media.

Third Grade:
Third graders have been introduced to the world of computer coding. They can checkout more coding games and tips on Hour of code. We are also starting some research skills and will be creating a Google slideshow.

Fourth Grade:
Fourth graders have been introduced to computer coding. We now have a coding club at lunch recess for students that are interested in learning more about it. We are also covering internet safety and online research skills. Checkout the 4th grade page on the LMC website for the Flipgrid videos of Legends of the 4th Grade!