Friday, October 13, 2017

October 2017 Family blog

Hello Haen Families!
Our school year is off and running!  Classroom routines have really taken off!  Families will find below the dates for our Fall Parent Teacher Conferences.  The home to school connection is so important in supporting our young students and we value your participation in conferences.  As a part of our School Wide Title 1 Programming, at conferences, teachers will work with each family to create a "compact" to best support students at school and at home.  Thank you in advance for being a critical part of your child's education!

As always, please reach out to us if you have any questions!

NEW THIS YEAR!  All community flyers will be found on the district web page. Click here to access information about Boys Hoops Club, The Great Pumpkin Train, Girl Scouts, Chartwells October Calendar, Kaukauna Dance Clinic, Kaukauna Dance Team Registration for this month.  Anyone requesting flyer distribution at the elementary level should submit an electronic copy to district office, attention Erin Kape at for consideration two weeks prior to the first of each month.

Parent/ Teacher Conferences

 Watch for Information on Online Sign Up

Our first family conferences of the year will be held on November 14 & 16 from 4:00—7:30 p.m. & November 17 from 12:30-4:00 p.m. (There is an 11:30 dismissal that day.) We will once again be using Signup Genius to schedule conferences. We look forward to connecting with you!

Red Ribbon Week   

During the week of October 23-25, we will be joining many other schools and communities throughout the nation to celebrate RED RIBBON WEEK…a week dedicated to celebrating a healthy and drug free life!

All Kaukauna schools will be participating in various activities that promote drug free living. Students will participate in several dress-up days to raise awareness of the importance of living a drug free life! the following is a list of dates and activities planned at school:
  • Kaukauna elementary students will be creating posters and/or grocery bags to share a "Drug Free/Healthy Living" message. Look for bags at Piggly Wiggly during Red Ribbon Week.
Dress Up Days:  
  • Mon. Oct. 23  Wear your favorite sweats and or team apparel …"Teaming Up Against Drugs is NOT SWEAT!!" 
  • Tues. Oct. 24  Wear “Bright/Neon Colors”…"My Future is BRIGHT DRUG FREE!" 
  • Wed. Oct. 25….District Wide Wear ”RED DAY”… "Be United Against Drugs!!" 
Don’t forget to take a few minutes to talk with your kids about the importance and benefits of living a drug free life. Thanks for supporting and participating in this important awareness effort!
News from the PAC!

Ongoing PAC Fundraising Projects

The Around the Town Coupon Book and Vendor Event will done this fall and spring. Families are asked to purchase the book for $25, or return the book to the office. The Haen PAC receives 50% of the cost of the book. This is a great fund raiser for our school and many offers will help you make your money back plus some!

Get involved!  Check out the Sign Up Genius to donate or volunteer time at the Haen Craft Fair on October 21st.  We hope to see you there!

General Mills Box Tops: 

We are enrolled in General Mill’s Box Tops for Education Program. Please look for the General Mill’s for Education label on their box tops and send THE WHOLE BOX TOP to school for processing. This has been a huge fundraiser for Haen School. We will having a monthly classroom competition. . . Keep clipping :)

News From our Specialists

Mrs. Sundelius - School Nurse

Is my child too sick to go to school? Often parents have a hard time deciding if their child is well enough to go to school.

Ask yourself the following question - Is my child feeling up to participating in regular school activities; including recess? Having a sore throat, cough, or mild congestion does not necessarily mean a child can't be active and participate in school activities, however if they are lethargic, clingy, complaining of pain or just not acting like themselves perhaps a sick day is in order.

Of course, never send a child to school who has a fever (even when their temperature is normal with fever reducing medication), is nauseated, vomiting, or has diarrhea. If your child is experiencing any one of these symptoms they need to stay home for 24 hours after the symptoms subside.

If you do bring your child into the doctor, remember to get a doctor’s excuse for school so your child’s attendance can be coded as a medical excuse. Thank you in advance for helping all students and staff stay healthy.

Mr. Theder - Art

First Grade Artists worked on their shape person, and finished it up with fine details. They got to look and talk about abstraction and Kandinsky circles. They reviewed their primary colors and learned their secondary colors.

Second Grade started the year making a sketch book. They learned their five basic lines, and their warm/cool colors by making a sun and moon drawing. They also learned about the famous artist Leonardo Da Vinci and his cool creations. The second graders are currently working on their own Da Vinci Robots.

Third Grade started the year making a sketch book. They reviewed their warm/cool colors and learned their neutral colors by drawing a sea turtle. They were challenged to draw complex shapes like hexagons within the shell of their turtle. Then got to blend oil pastel for the turtle's shell, arms, and head. Third grade then finished it up by using water colors for the background.

Fourth Grade started the year by making a sketch book also. We reviewed most of the color families. They learned two new color families by drawing an optical illusion. They learned and got to experiment with complementary and tertiary colors.

Greetings from the LMC! by Mrs. Munin

My name is Mrs. Munin and I am excited to be the new Library Media Specialist/Technology Coach here at Haen Elementary School. We are doing some exciting things in the LMC to get excited about reading!
Make sure to stop by and checkout the teacher favorite childhood books!
Can you guess your teacher???

1st grade - We have started out the year with our first graders learning some exciting new technology and getting them used to using the Chromebooks and Google Classroom. They are so excited and rapidly becoming computer experts!

2nd Grade - We have been covering our Library Orientation guidelines and getting back into the swing of things. We also had GoldiSocks help us with picking out a “Just Right Book” using the 5 finger rule to help make book choices to find the perfect reading level!

3rd grade - Our third graders started off the year with a Library Scavenger Hunt - getting to know the different parts of the library and searching for fun clues throughout the LMC! We have also just started to learn about finding books in the library, so stay tuned next month!

Make sure to checkout the BrainPop video on picking a book for you!

(if you don’t have the password and username to access Brainpop, please email me -!)

4th grade - After a refresher on the different areas of the library, we dove right in learning how to find a book in the library. We will be continuing this unit next month. They are quickly becoming experts in call numbers and searching for books throughout the library!

by Mrs. Lapin

Haen musicians have so much fun! We learn and practice playing the drums and xylophones! We create rhythms using popsicle sticks. We practice using our singing voice at the start of every class. Many of us can dance or play the xylophones while we sing the song Rocky Mountain. We learn our music skills through playing games which makes us excited to focus on our next task!

Special delivery from Heid Music…...4th grade is looking forward to learning how to play the recorder starting in a few weeks!

"Gym Shorts" by Miss Ziegler

Grade 1

Getting to know each other and how to actively listen and follow directions has been a big priority. Activities we practiced to help us learn this are Cooperation Tag, locomotor laps, fundamental skill centers using hands and feet with a variety of equipment. Tag games of Stuck in the Mud, Partner Duck, Duck Goose, Drum Tag, Go For The Gold, and Flamingo! Sponge Bob Tag, and 7-Up were fun team games. Core strength development will be focused on all year through plank practice. Students learned about how to hold their body up in a plank position.

Grade 2

The students have been very busy working on body control, directionality, body awareness, locomotor skills, and cooperation games. We practiced these skills through fun games like Chickens To the Rescue, Pac Man Tag, Bean Bag Toe Tag, & Squirrels Go Nuts! We threw spirals and kicked footballs, played Touchdown Chicken, & Red Light, Green Light Dribble. We also worked on throwing overhand with enough force to catch a rebounded ball off the wall. Core strength development will be focused on all year through plank practice. Students learned about how to hold their body up in a correct plank position.

Grade 3

Building cardiovascular endurance through running laps, games, and locomotor skills practice is a priority. 4-Square and Continuous tag were played. Soccer fundamentals, challenges, and lead-up games were learned. Soccer Pirates, and 6 Team Bowling Pin Soccer were the favorites. Reaction skills and defense were the focus during goalie play when defending their team’s goal. Core strength development will be focused on all year through plank practice. Students learned about how to hold their body up in a correct plank position.

Grade 4

Building cardiovascular endurance through running, locomotor skills, and games is a priority. Students played Continuous Tag, Football Tag, and the Hand Off Hustle relay. We flipped cones in the “Flippin Fitness Challenge”. Football lead up games played were End Zone Football, 2 on 2 Football, Tee kicking, & Throw and Go Football. The favorite fast action game of Team Touchdown was high scoring with continuous action. All game play emphasized fairness and good sportsmanship. Core strength development will be focused on all year through plank practice. Students learned about how to hold their body up in a correct plank position.

The "Ten at a Time" activity calendar below is also a great resource for people who "never have enough time to exercise." Each day lists one exercise that can be done either 10 times or for 10 minutes at a time throughout the day. Please try to exercise with your children and you will be on your way to starting a healthy habit both for you and them! Hope you enjoy the Activity Calendar! Watch for more in the future!