Friday, February 9, 2018

February 2018 Family Blog

Hello Haen Families!

Fill a Bucket with Kindness!  This month's all school assembly focused on filling each other's buckets with words of kindness.  Ask your child how they have filled buckets at school.

Students will be taking a Road Trip this month on the Road to Success!  We will be visiting Mexico on our road trip, with miles earned as we grew with our MAP Testing!  Students earned miles to get us to our destination.  We will be travelling and experiencing the culture and sights of Mexico on February 21st.

Academic Parent Teacher Team Night for all of our 1st and 2nd grade students on February 15th.  Parents of 1st and 2nd grade students will be in the child's classroom from 5:00-6:15 learning more about literacy and math and how families can support academic growth at home.

The Parent Advisory Committee is sponsoring two events, the Craft and Vendor Event (2/10) as well as Culver's Scoopie Night (2/19) at the Little Chute Culver's.  Thank you to Mrs. Strasburg for all of her work in coordinating the Craft and Vendor Fair!  If you have an interest in coordinating future events, please let me know!

It is fun for staff and kids to see each other outside of the classroom!  Consider donating an item or time to the vendor fair to help make this event a success.  Visit us at Culver's Scoopie Night when a portion of the evening sales go to Victor Haen Elementary.

Money from fundraising has supported students at Haen in many ways.  In the past we have funded the Road Trip, bought books for the Book Raffle during Parent Teacher Conferences, supported PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) Safe, Responsible and Respectful learning and most recently contributed to new library furniture for students!  We appreciate very much the efforts of families in supporting our school!

Parent Teacher Conferences will be coming up next month, stay tuned for a sign up genius to schedule time with your child's teacher!

Thank You families for your involvement and connection with our school!   We look forward to seeing you this month!

Holly Magness
  • February 14 
  • February 10
    • Haen PAC VENDOR EVENT 9:00-2:00 PM
    • Sign Up to donate and help make this a successful event for our school!
  • February 19
    • CULVER'S SCOOPIE NIGHT 4:00 - 7:00 PM @ Little Chute Culver's
  • February 22 & 23

Looking Forward to 2018/2019 Enrollment
School Confirmation Forms were sent home in January to all current 1-3 students. This form fulfills the registration process for next year for our current students in kindergarten through grade 3. On the form, there is a label indicating the designated school that the district has on record for your child next year. On this form, families have the opportunity to confirm this school placement, request a placement at one of the charter schools or indicate that you will be moving next school year. If you would like to request open enrollment within the district (attending a different school that what is identified on the label), you may contact the school office and request the form to complete. The window for this process is February 1-March 1, 2018.

Families please help up keep students healthy!  In order to protect the health of students and staff, we ask that a child who appears ill, has vomited or has had diarrhea in the past 24 hours remain home from school. Additionally your child should remain at home until at least 24 hours after they are free of fever (100°) without the use of fever-reducing medications.

Help Us Keep Students Safe During Morning Drop-Off
In order to help ensure the safety of our students we ask that you do not have your child arrive at school prior to 7:35 AM.  Outdoor supervision begins at 7:35.  Thank you for helping keep students safe!

Lunch Money Procedures
In an effort to keep accurate records we ask that when you send lunch money to school, please put it in an envelope with the students name, homeroom, amount, and what the money is for labeled on the front.  Also, if you have a change in your financial status, Free and Reduced lunch applications are available in the office.  The approval process is quick once the application is returned.

4K Screening
This spring, the Kaukauna Area School District will again initiate a voluntary 4K screening on June 2nd, June 5th, June 6th and June 7th.  Registration packets have been sent home to eligible 4K (those who will be 4 on or before September 1, 2017) students. In order to plan for classroom and staffing needs, it is crucial that we receive this information as soon as possible.  Children not yet school age that may have delays or other difficulties are also eligible to be screened at this time to help determine if development testing/special services might be needed.  Parents with specific developmental concerns may contact Lisa Sheppard anytime at 766-6150.

All community flyers will be found on the district web page. Click here to access information for this month!

*Kaukauna Dance Clinic  *Father Daughter Dance  *Girl Scouts  *2018 Softball Flyer  *Champs Camp  *United Way Valentine's Festival   *2018 Electric City Soccer

 Anyone requesting flyer distribution at the elementary level should submit an electronic copy to district office, attention Erin Kape at for consideration two weeks prior to the first of each month.

News from Mrs. Sundelius, School Nurse

Pink eye (also called conjunctivitis) is a common eye condition in children. Pink eye is when the clear tissue that lines the inside of the eyelid and the white part or the eyeball becomes irritated and inflamed. This inflammation makes the blood vessels more visible and gives the eye a pink or reddish color. Pink eye can be caused from viruses, bacteria, allergies and other irritations such as an injury.
The viral and bacterial type of pink eye is very contagious and can be spread easily from person to person and especially child to child as children have a more difficult time not rubbing on the irritated eye.
What Are the Symptoms of Pink Eye?
  • Redness or swelling of the white of the eye or around the eye
  • Increased amount of drainage which may be clear, yellow, white or green
  • Itchy, irritated, and/or burning eyes
  • Increased sensitivity to light
  • Gritty feeling in the eye
  • Matter (dried drainage) on the eyelids or lashes especially in the morning
Some cases of pink eye can be mild and may get better on their own, even without antibiotic eye drop treatment. However, since it is very difficult to determine what may be causing your child’s pink eye the health office may ask you to bring your child in for medical follow up.

How Do I Stop Pink Eye from Spreading?
  • Wash your hands
  • Avoid touching or rubbing your eyes; this is hard for young children to do
  • Avoid sharing makeup, contact lenses and containers, and eyeglasses
  • Keep your child home and follow up with their doctor if your child have any symptoms of pink eye
As always if you have any questions please feel free to contact the health office at your child’s school.
Music by Mrs. Hoks-Lapin
Sing! Move! Play! Music students are singing new songs, adding movement to many of the songs, and playing classroom instruments. 1st graders learned a new game which involves listening to instrument sounds and categorizing them as either high or low. 2nd graders are practicing their singing voices and beginning to discuss their spring concert scheduled for Thursday, May 3 at 6:30. 3rd graders are learning about the symphony orchestra through a program called Artistic Adventures which is a partnership between the Trout Museum of Art and the Fox Cities Performing Arts Center. They will attend a concert in March at the PAC. Several 4th grade recorder students have earned their first 4 belts while still taking time to have fun singing new songs.

By Mr. Theder
First Grade artists are just starting to construct their own Alligator weavings. First grade started by making the base or loom, and then weaved strips of paper to make up the back of the alligator. They learned about looms and what weavings are. They are making theirs from colored construction paper while practicing lots of patients. For the next step we will be making and adding the alligators head and tail.

Second Grade artists just finished drawing and painting their own snowman. Second grade had a chance to practice painting in fine detail. They got a chance to learn about crayon resists, and how water based paint is repelled from the wax material that crayons are made of.

Third Grade artists are just finishing up their perspective drawings of a worms eye view of a cityscape. They got a chance to use and practice drawing straight lines with rulers. They also got a chance to talk about viewing things from different angles and what those views names are.

Fourth Grade artists got a chance to learn about perspective artwork. They got a chance to work on their very own Birds eye view of a cityscape.They got a chance to use and practice drawing straight lines and shapes with rulers. They also got a chance to talk about viewing things from different angles and what those views names are.

PhyEd with Ms. Ziegler
Jump Rope for Heart will take place the week of February 12-16 for grades 1- 4 in your child’s gym classes. The information packets have been sent home. All students participate in our many fun jump activities to learn how to lead a healthy lifestyle. More information can be found in the JRFH Flyer included in this newsletter.

Grade 1
Kicking is always a highlight with the first graders. We have progressed from kicking a still ball, to a rolling ball, to a bouncing ball, and some students a dropped ball. “Butter Ball” & Seven-Up were throwing and catching games we played to help us improve both skills. The Scooptastic Challenge worked on cooperation with a partner when underhand throwing to them so a catch could be made in their scoop. Strength building and balance in the game Hungry Crabs! Underhand strike with a partner and beach ball worked on reaction skills and cooperation. Students learned how to jump rope and work together to turn a long rope as we prepared for Jump Rope for Heart.

Grade 2
Fitness games like Hoop Jumper, Noodle Tag, Ring Basketball, and Freeze/Thaw challenged our chasing/fleeing skills as well as pumped up our hearts. Ball skill challenge cards worked on sequenced movements with a ball and coordination. We practiced cooperative throwing and catching in the games Ocean Rescue and the Scooptastic challenge. Spaghetti and Meatballs was a fun cooperative target game enjoyed by all. Underhand strike with a partner and beach ball worked on reaction skills and cooperation. Students learned how to jump rope and worked together to turn a long rope as we prepared for Jump Rope for Heart. Students practiced a 2-handed underhand lift and learned how to use their legs for power in the game Butter Ball.

Grade 3
We have been working toward improvement of basic and intermediate inline skating skills to learn to skate safely in the gym, neighborhood, and at the roller rink outside of school. Skaters were challenged with gliding, edging, breaking, and various ways to turn and maneuver. Students learned about the progressive jump rope ladder which helped them learn new tricks. A jump rope circuit was practiced over consecutive days after learning the different jump rope tricks to help build aerobic endurance and prepare us for jump rope for heart.

Volleyball Skills of forearm pass, overhead pass, and underhand serving were worked on before classes played a team lead-up volleyball game called Newcomb.

Treasure Island reinforced the 8 benefits of aerobic endurance to help students understand the importance of including aerobic endurance for a healthy life. A Jump Band progression worked on rhythm, coordination, and cooperation with classmates.

Grade 4
Volleyball Skills of forearm pass, overhead pass, and serving were worked on before classes played volleyball games. Mission Possible exercise assignments, Jump the Shot, and Jump Bands focused on cooperation, muscular strength, creativity, and aerobic endurance. Dribble Knock Out challenged everyone’s ball control skills while looking away from the dribbled ball.

We learned about the progressive jump rope ladder to improve aerobic endurance and prepare us for Jump Rope for Heart. Treasure Island taught students the benefits of aerobic exercise. Team Offense/Defense was the favorite guarding and scoring game. The upper body fitness mat offered a variety of challenges for students to work toward improved upper body strength. Students worked on jumping and landing skills which helped improve body control and balance. All Touch Basketball, Dribble, Shoot, and Score, and 3-In-A-Hoop worked on agility, reaction skills, guarding, teamwork, and sportsmanship.


Learning in the Library by Mrs. Munin

Make sure to checkout the games, activities, and ebooks to read on the LMC website.
First Grade:
We have been working on our internet safety unit and talking about staying safe while online. Checkout more internet safety tips online at Common Sense Media.

Second Grade:
We have been discussing internet safety and how to be good digital citizens online. Check out these great online tips and good places to go on Common Sense Media.

Third Grade:
Third graders have been introduced to the world of computer coding. They can checkout more coding games and tips on Hour of code. We are also starting some research skills and will be creating a Google slideshow.

Fourth Grade:
Fourth graders have been introduced to computer coding. We now have a coding club at lunch recess for students that are interested in learning more about it. We are also covering internet safety and online research skills. Checkout the 4th grade page on the LMC website for the Flipgrid videos of Legends of the 4th Grade!